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Updates and stories from the ground by Amy Hathaway, Founder and Director of Forever Angels and Forever Angels Baby Home.

Research Partnership - Celebrating 20 Years

So thankful to Research Partnership for their generous donation of £2,000 to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

It will be used to set twenty families up in a sustainable business - one family at a time, changing lives.

Thank you so much


Did you know the collective noun for grandparents is a Wisdom? 

So here is this week's beautiful Wisdom of Grandmothers.....just some of the grandmothers who are taking care of their grandchildren after their daughters have sadly died in childbirth. 

They come each week to collect formula milk for their grand-babies; and also to receive training on Malaria Prevention, HIV, Health and Hygiene, First Aid and Nutrition.

Soon, we will set each of these remarkable ladies up in a small business they can do from their homes – enabling them to independently provide for the young families they have been left with.

There is a LOT of wisdom in these women.

Father's Day

This Sunday is Fathers Day.

Does your Dad REALLY need more socks this year?

Why not buy him a gift that keeps on giving? A gift that empowers families and changes lives.

TWENTY women die every single day in childbirth in Tanzania. Please support us to empower the Dads left behind to raise their own children.

Your donation will help a Dad in Tanzania set up a small, sustainable business so his children go to bed each night with a full tummy.

I am sure YOUR Dad would appreciate that so much more than socks!

Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my 38th birthday. I have been alive for 13,870 days, and never once, did I go to bed hungry. I am lucky. Pretty much anyone reading this should consider themselves lucky.

On the other hand - this is Magreth. She has been alive for 97 days. She has NEVER gone to bed with a full stomach and she was on the verge of death when I met her.

Magreths Mum died in childbirth and her family were too poor to buy the formula milk needed to keep her alive and healthy.

By Donating my Birthday today, I am raising money to buy formula milk to keep more babies like Magreth alive.

I am not receiving gifts or cards or cake this year - but I WILL go to bed tonight knowing Magreth has a full tummy. Honestly - it is the best gift I could receive.

Please consider donating YOUR birthday.  We need to put a stop to babies like Magreth dying. It is 2017 and this should not be happening. Babies like Magreth were just born unlucky - all they need is food. 

Together - we can provide it.

Thank you for your support.

Donate Your Birthday

We first met Kulwa and Dotto as newborns in 2015.  Their young Mum (Janeth) was severely sick during pregnancy and was not producing any breast milk.  They were malnourished and at risk of death. 

Our Maisha Matters project supported Janeth with weekly formula milk.  She came every week to collect it where we also weighed the babies and trained her on first aid, child development, malaria prevention and nutrition. 

After a few months we set Janeth up in a small charcoal business meaning she was able to earn an income and buy food for herself and her children every day. 

Tomorrow, Kulwa and Dotto will be celebrating their second birthday!  One family at a time, we are saving lives and empowering families 

This month we have started a Donate Your Birthday campaign - trying to raise £30,000 in 2017 to provide life saving formula milk for other babies like Kulwa and Dotto. 

Instead of receiving birthday gifts and cards, we hoping our supporters will ask their friends and family for donations to Forever Angels instead. 

Can YOU donate your birthday this year... to make sure babies like Kulwa and Dotto live to see theirs?