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Updates and stories from the ground by Amy Hathaway, Founder and Director of Forever Angels and Forever Angels Baby Home.

Michelle Gets A Forever Family

We are all delighted for Michelle who was adopted into her new Forever Family yesterday.

She came to us as a tiny baby and we have loved watching her grow...

Michelle came to Forever Angels in February after being found abandoned...but now she will grow up in a loving family and we are so happy for her.

Samantha Goes Home

Samantha Daudi came to Forever Angels in February 2014 as a 3 week old baby girl.  

Her Mum was ill in the Psychiatric Unit at Bugando Hospital and was unable to tell hospital staff about any other relatives.

Samantha has been with us now for over three years and despite our Social Worker’s efforts – her Mum was discharged from hospital and we were unable to find her.

Over the last three years, Samantha has grown into a beautiful little girl.  She is shy and wary of strangers – and getting a smile can take some efforts – but she is clever and kind and adored by all at Forever Angels.

In March this year, after some clever detective work, Samantha’s Mum was found, sectioned again in the Psychiatric ward of Bugando Hospital.

She had apparently been asking every day about her daughter and finally one nurse remembered our Social Worker enquiring and realised this must be the same child.

Samantha’s Mum is on medication now and was able to tell us about her family.  We traced Samantha’s grandmother and she was so happy to hear about Samantha and wanted to care for both her daughter and granddaughter.

This morning, Samantha went home to live with her Mum and Grandmother.  She was quite fearful to leave – but Forever Angels has been her home since she was a new-born and this is all she knows. Whilst we are very sad to see her leave us – we are thankful that she will now be raised in a family.

Please keep Samantha in your thoughts as she adjusts to her new life.  Despite being sick, her Mum NEVER stopped thinking about her baby girl and never stopped asking about her.  Samantha is very loved and for that we are so thankful.

We have HUGE dreams...

Our new Strategic Plan is here!…/61e3b793-ea6a-48f3-9934-bf7de4000d…

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us get this far. We have achieved beyond our wildest dreams.

But we still have BIG dreams. HUGE ones in fact. We can support so many more starving babies and help their families dig themselves out of poverty - but we need you.

Please share this link with your Manager / Work Colleagues / Generous Friends and Family and help us to make our goals for 2018 become a reality.

One baby at a time we are changing lives. Together we can.

Volunteer Farewell

From our wonderful volunteer Lucy:

"Leaving Forever Angels Baby Home today with a happy but heavy heart...Thank you to everyone who donated to this amazing cause, your quids really do make a real difference... I've seen first hand how well looked after and loved these precious little people are, in the very safe hands of the Mammas and it has been a truly humbling experience...Now homeward bound to see more lovely faces, if only my arms weren't feeling so empty already..."

Godbless Gets A Family

Godbless was born around 25th December 2013 and for reasons we are not sure about, when he was about two months old, he was abandoned near a cemetery.  He was found by a passer by was taken to Shinyanga hospital where he stayed for about two months in the hope that his Mum would return for him.  Sadly that did not happen and so in April 2014, he came to join our Forever Angels Family.

Godbless was a healthy baby boy and very cute!  He had the biggest eyes and a smile which could light up any room.

Whilst we have loved watching this little boy grow - our dream for every child at Forever Angels is a family and we are thrilled that this week, Godbless was adopted into his new family.

This little boy has the kindest heart and we are so happy that he will now grow up in a loving home with brothers and sisters to shower love on him.

Goodbye Godbless - we love you and are thrilled that you have got your happy ending. XX

Yasini Goes Home

Yasini came to Forever Angels in October 2014 as a six week old baby after his Mum sadly died in childbirth.

His Dad had two other young children and was not able to care for the needs of a new born.

Yasini has been greatly loved at Forever Angels but we are so happy to announce that yesterday, he went home to live with his Dad and siblings.

We are thrilled that his family are now together and that Yasini will grow up in a loving home.